To teach children and adults to ride horses and ponies within a safe structured environment. A progressive teaching plan will be created for every client.

To encourage young people to participate in a physical sport, to encourage sportsmanship and promote horse welfare.

All animals will be selected carefully for temperament, condition and suitability.

All instructors will be experienced and qualified. Each will possess a current First Aid Certificate and be trained in accident reporting procedures and administration.

All tack and equipment will be regularly assessed and maintained.

No client will be permitted to ride without Safety Helmet that meets or exceeds current British Standards, additionally no client will be permitted to jump cross-country fences without a body protector that meets or exceeds current British Standards.

Client Confidentiality will be maintained and respected at all times, particularly accident report forms. All accidents will be reported in writing as soon as practically possible. Accidents that requiring reporting under r.i.d.d.o.r., will normally be submitted on line and a copy placed in the accident report file.

An appropriate first aid kit will be available at all times.

No visiting Dogs or Umbrellas will be allowed on the premises.

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